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good governance

‘Good governance is perhaps the single most important factor in eradicating poverty and promoting development.’ – UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, 1998 We believe that there are 5 key pillars we should focus on to guide us as we create a better Aid Model: Governance is our 5th Pillar. Twenty years ago, donors would not …

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Building A Value-Creation Aid Model

Shared Value Model 2

By working together with our donors and partners and by engaging our beneficiaries, we can change the way aid is done, and make sure that everyone benefits. SOUL’s initiatives ensure value creation for all stakeholders – donors, beneficiaries, communities, our economy and the environment. We advocate responsible giving by donors and incentivise behaviours that promote …

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The Need for a New Aid Model


“I wish we questioned the aid model as much as we are questioning the capitalism model. Sometimes the most generous thing you can do is just say no.” — Dambisa Moyo Social and environmental challenges are becoming more and more complex. COVID, climate change, war and conflict are disrupting livelihoods, bringing about greater inequalities and …

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