The Xchange Program

Developed in 2017 in partnership with Xchange Connexion, our Xchange Program aims to create an aid model that encourages and rewards community contribution.   We believe our Xchange Program is a game-changer in the approach to how we do aid.

By offering individuals opportunities to be rewarded for doing good in their communities, we move away from handouts and create a ripple effect of progress.  The Xchange Program shifts mindsets from dependency to contribution, fostering self-sufficiency.  It promotes community cohesion, environmental impact and job creation in the green economy.

In 2020, we launched the Trash2Treasure Xchange Program for Households in Westlake, Cape Town. It educated families about recycling and rewarded them with basic food items for weekly recycling contributions.

This pilot program taught us how much more effective the Xchange Program is than traditional aid models: socially, environmentally and economically!

The budget to the right shows that the traditional model was R95,688 cheaper to run.  However, City of Cape Town would have to spend approximately R20 per black bag to clean up illegal dumping.  5,200 x R20 = R104,000.  As well as saving ratepayers this cost, our Program was able to contribute 5,200 bags into the Green Economy towards job creation.

Our Trash2Treasure pilot project yielded impressive social, environmental and economical results.  It also gave us the chance to build relationships with our beneficiary partners and better understand some of their needs to enable them to move beyond aid.  

Which is why in 2024, we’ve launched our Xchange Program for Changemakers and offering individuals the opportunity to step up and do more for their communities and themselves. 

We’re dedicated to helping beneficiary partners learn to read and count, enabling them to get more involved in the Xchange Program.   We’re also committed to fostering better relationships between the elderly and the youth.  

We’re doing this with our #BeyondAid2030 Campaign, and we invite you to join us on this ambitious initiative!