The R.E.Generation Xchange Program: Regenerative Ubuntu in Action

The R.E.Generation Xchange Program, founded in 2017 with Xchange Connexion, is a partnership initiative that promotes Regenerative Ubuntu as the basis for collaborative projects.  It  provides marginalised individuals with access to skill development opportunities while delivering essential provisions as incentives for community engagement.  It strives to transition aid-dependent, disadvantaged communities towards self-sufficiency, resiliency, and prosperity.

Our 4 Xchange Program Modules

The R.E.Generation Xchange Program for Households teaches environmental conservation and recycling to marginalised families. Submitting recyclables weekly earns them 2.5kg of maize meal, reducing landfill waste and illegal dumping.  As well as the social and environmental benefits, the recycling collected creates jobs in the Green Economy through Mike’s Recycling Workshop.

The R.E.Generation Xchange Program for Children inspires youth from marginalised communities to engage in educational and environmental projects, rewarding them with nourishment and incentives for their contributions. We strive to heighten their awareness of community needs and emphasize the influential role they play in fostering positive change. 

The R.E.Generation Xchange Program for Ambassadors inspires adults from marginalised communities to make a positive impact.  Green & Clean Ambassadors collect recycling and litter.  Resilience Ambassadors manage the Community Events.  The Ambassadors earn food incentives for participating on this Program.

Community Events Learning to read

The R.E.Generation Xchange Program’s Community Events promote resilient communities by connecting generations & developing skills. Participants engage in activities like reading, writing, counting, games & storytelling.  It follows Xchange Connexion’s R.E.Generation Goals, giving marginalised communities equal opportunities to learn & contribute to global objectives.