#BeyondAid2030 Patrons

47% of South Africans rely on a monthly social grant to survive, costing the country R22 Million a month.

Our #BeyondAid2030 Patrons are committed to building a South Africa that supports its citizens to become aid-independent.  They understand this as a long-term effort and are committed to supporting us with ongoing monthly donations on our journey!

Achievement Awards Group specialise in design & implementation of end-to-end human engagement and incentives solutions.

RAV (Rent A Vehicle) is a car rental company committed to providing reliable, affordable, and personalized service.

Your Security is our business
We have proven to be industry leaders in armed response and protection services.

Your 24/7 owner-run travel company providing exceptional service. In association with E-Travel.

Storageland Westlake offers a range of affordable, secure storage solutions in the southern suburbs.

We’re a team of young Chartered Accountants empowering entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses. 

Count on us as the best natural food store for sustainably produced and sourced natural food near you!