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Help us build a South Africa that supports its citizens to become aid-independent.

Donate to our Xchange Program

Our Xchange Program is a game-changer in the  approach to how we do aid.  By offering individuals opportunities to be rewarded for doing good in their communities, we move away from handouts and create a ripple effect of progress.

Sponsor an Ambassador
on our Xchange Program

Our Xchange Program rewards marginalised adults for creating positive changes in their community.   Ambassadors are the backbone of our youth program, hosting impactful community and advocacy events and fostering a supportive environment.

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#BeyondAid2030 Patron

Our #BeyondAid2030 Patrons are businesses who commit to ongoing support and advocating a different way of doing aid in South Africa for our marginalised.  Their company logos are featured on our Patrons Board.

Advocacy Partnerships

1 Kennel aims to offer respite to animals in impoverished communities, mainly in Cape Town’s Ocean View and Redhill Informal Settlement.  They facilitate access to medical care, food and shelter.

They aim to help those who are most vulnerable by building relationships with pet owners.  Their priority is sustainable, long-term community involvement in animal welfare, recognizing it is often the hidden animals that need the most help.

In partnership with SOUL, 1 Kennel is co-developing Xchange Program materials that educate Community Events attendees about animal welfare and rights.