Building A Value-Creation Aid Model

Shared Value Model 2

By working together with our donors and partners and by engaging our beneficiaries, we can change the way aid is done, and make sure that everyone benefits.

SOUL’s initiatives ensure value creation for all stakeholders – donors, beneficiaries, communities, our economy and the environment.

We advocate responsible giving by donors and incentivise behaviours that promote responsible living by beneficiaries.

By rewarding beneficiary behaviours such as recycling at home, supporting community upliftment projects, participating in mental wellbeing sessions and ongoing learning, we’re able to reduce our beneficiaries’ dependency on government aid. We’re also able to ensure our donors’ funds have more social, economic and environmental impact.

We believe our unique value-creation aid model will reduce the burden on public aid systems.

SOUL and Xchange Connexion created the Xchange Program which aims to support a number of interventions to ensure access to basic needs for beneficiaries including:


Food security



Basic Education (Reading & Writing)


Mental Wellbeing support

We drive a responsible citizen culture and reward good behaviour:


Recycling at home


Participating in community clean up projects


Attending Mental Wellbeing events