SOUL’s mission is to improve the efficiency of our aid system in addressing social, economic and environmental challenges. We develop initiatives that ensure value creation for donors, beneficiaries, communities, our economy and the environment.

Value Creation Aid Model Circular
Whilst we support Emergency Aid initiatives as a short-term solution to disaster response, we don’t believe the ‘Relief’ Hand-out Model for marginalised citizens is a viable long-term response. Data shows that the hand-out model provides minimal impact since its hand-outs are made with little or no education and opportunity for upliftment. It can also result in aid-dependency.
Value Creation Aid Model
Emergency provision of essential resources following a disaster
‘Relief’ Hand-out Model / Little or no education or opportunity for upliftment
Supports Marginalised Beneficiaries & Environmental initiatives, creates jobs in Green Economy
Incentivises Positive Behaviour Change, supports Environmental initiatives, creates jobs in Green Economy
Uplifts Individuals & Communities
Creates Regenerative Communities & Economies

In partnership with Xchange Connexion, we developed an Xchange Program aid model that incentivises positive actions by beneficiaries – improving our communities, our economy and benefiting the environment.