Choose how you want to support

Sponsor a Family on our Households Program 

We have 100 Households registered on our Program and a waiting list of another 37.

For many families on our Program, the 2.5kg
of maize meal they get each week is the only food security they have.  For R322pm, you can sponsor a family.

Help us provide that food security and ensure we keep as much recycling out of our landfills and illegal dumping sites as we can.

Sponsor our Childrens Program and Community Events

Our intergenerational Community Events are entertaining and educational, offering attendees the chance to acquire new skills in reading, writing and storytelling, as well as engage in games and other fun activities.

We are currently prioritising the promotion of the Global Goals, fostering a love of reading and encouraging kindness towards people, the environment and animals.

Become a R.E.Generation Legacy Leaver

Exciting news!

We’re collaborating with Xchange Connexion for the R.E. Generation Legacy Leavers Campaign to spread the word about Regenerative Ubuntu.

Join us leading the way in building a better future for all and bringing the ethos to homes, organisations and communities wanting to make meaningful change.

Advocacy Partnerships

1 Kennel aims to offer respite to animals in impoverished communities, mainly in Cape Town’s Ocean View and Redhill Informal Settlement.  They facilitate access to medical care, food and shelter.

They aim to help those who are most vulnerable by building relationships with pet owners.  Their priority is sustainable, long-term community involvement in animal welfare, recognizing it is often the hidden animals that need the most help.

In partnership with SOUL and Xchange Connexion, 1 Kennel is co-developing Xchange Program materials that educate Community Events attendees about animal welfare and rights.