17 Global Goals To Ensure No-one Is Left Behind

A chance to Reimagine Everything In Our Generation About How We Do Aid.

In 2015, the United Nations established 17 Global Goals to eradicate poverty, tackle climate change, and promote peace and equality worldwide.  By adopting the 2030 Agenda, UN Member States committed to “no one being left behind” and striving to help those furthest behind first.

We have a remarkable opportunity with the Global Goals to transform outdated aid models and create inspiring stories that motivate future generations.  At SOUL, we champion Regenerative Ubuntu as an innovative solution to achieve this, which we advocate for with our #BeyondAid2030 Campaign.

What is Regenerative Ubuntu?

Regenerative Ubuntu merges two key philosophies: regeneration and Ubuntu. 

Regeneration encompasses principles and practices that foster the renewal and revitalisation of human and natural systems.   Ubuntu emphasises interconnectedness and community, creating a similar framework rooted in multiculturalism.

These two philosophies come together to create Regenerative Ubuntu, a powerful methodology that champions the importance of community and helps cultivate a sustainable and interconnected world.

Reimagining How We Do Aid:

Regenerative Ubuntu fosters an aid model that empowers communities to develop self-sufficient and sustainable infrastructure, unlocking the potential of local resources and capabilities. 

By prioritising the worth of each person and place, more sustainable outcomes can be attained.  This approach enables communities to increase their self-sufficiency and resilience while finding solutions for a better future. 

It is a way of building resilient, thriving future societies that rely less on external sources and offer a brighter tomorrow for all.

Since 2010, we’ve been promoting self-sufficiency by empowering individuals through our programs.  Rather than providing mere handouts, we provide a hand up, creating long-lasting positive change.

In 2017, we partnered with Xchange Connexion – a social enterprise on a mission to build resilient, thriving citizens and communities – to develop the Xchange Program. 

In 2020, we rolled out the pilot Trash2Treasure Xchange Program for Households to educate families in Westlake, Cape Town on recycling and incentivise them with basic food items for bringing in their recycling each week.

better aid-model

Our Trash2Treasure pilot project yielded impressive social, environmnetal and economical results.  It demonstrated measurable impact – providing basic food security, preventing tonnes of recycling from landing up in illegal dumping sites and our landfills and creating jobs in the Green Economy with our partner, Mike’s Recycling Workshop.  It enabled us to treat our beneficiary partners as part of our solution to resolving our many social, environmental and economic issues.  And it empowered them to step up and contribute to the Global Goals.

We were inspired by the impact and in 2022 we launched the R.E.Generation Xchange Program: Reimagining Everything About How We Work With our Marginalised Communities.

Incentivising individuals and households in marginalised communities to upskill and make a positive impact in their local areas.  The Xchange Program is a powerful tool to tackle the challenges we face and create lasting, sustainable solutions.